Freddy’s Steakburgers

August 10th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks wimpyI don’t typically eat at or review fast food chains, but when I discover one that I haven’t heard of I’m often intrigued to try it. Such was the case with Original Tommy’s Hamburgers last year, and that didn’t go well. Freddy’s Steakburgers recently opened near my office; it’s a chain I’ve never been to but since there aren’t any other locations in town I figured I’d check it out and report for everyone. Did it work out any better than Tommy’s?

genericWith locations in I think 22 different states Freddy’s is your typical 50’s style burger chain; think Johnny Rockets as a stand-alone fast food joint. I guess they’re also known for their custard, although I didn’t have one on my visit. The menu has plenty of options for said custards, as well as hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and of course burgers. The Freddy’s Original Double didn’t look exciting enough for some reason, so I went with the Double Steakburger California Style. I believe the California style refers to the addition of lettuce, tomato and Freddy’s sauce, but mine was lacking the sauce for some reason. The thin, giddled patty had great crispy flavor; it is definitely a fast food burger, but still pretty good. The bun was thin but good, the cheese kind of generic but ok. The lettuce, tomato and pickles were also fresh and ok. The whole assembly was kind of thin, but it was still juicy, flavorful and quite cheesy.

The skinny fries were ok, although these were a bit too skinny for my taste and I typically hate them. They weren’t overly oily or gross as a fast food fry can often be. I did try a bit of their fry sauce that was at the counter, I think it might also be what was supposed to be on my burger? It was kind of like In-N-Out sauce but not nearly as good.

crispy!One thing I’d like to note in case anyone on the service side of things is paying attention: don’t have your employees ask to take someone’s tray away while they’re in the middle of eating. I had one completely messy hand holding my burger, with the other one deep into some fries, and a girl came up to my table to take my tray away for some reason. This is typically something people do when they are throwing away everything at the end of their meal, why would you interrupt me halfway through to take it away and then make it more difficult to gather my garbage? I had to put everything down, pull off my bowl of fries and three ketchup containers and wipe my hands off to hand it to her while she stood there waiting the entire time. I then watched her do this to half a dozen other annoyed tables. Stop that practice or buy enough trays to handle a small restaurant’s worth of people!

pretty juicyAnyway, service complaints aside, this was an ok burger for fast food. It’s similar to Johnny Rockets and many of the others, and about equal in quality. The $7.80 price tag for my meal is probably about average for one of these types of locations, maybe even a bit cheaper than Rockets. I don’t think I’d ever really recommend a fast food burger like this to anyone unless it really stood out as something special like In-N-Out, so I’d say skip it unless you’re just absolutely curious or your kids are hungry.

Overall score: 75

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  1. Andy says:

    Ate at a Freddy’s Steakburgers in KC today. I had similar thoughts – it’s very similar to a Steak and Shake, but without table service or as extensive of a menu.

    Regarding taking your tray… They’re offering to take it so that you don’t have extra junk sitting on your table. They’re not taking because they’re out of trays, it’s a courtesy. If you want it for whatever reason, then say “no thank you”. I’m sure the person who took the tray would have much rather you said “no”, than have to stand there while you emptied the tray (though, admittedly, they should only offer if it’s empty or appears to only have trash on it).

    • Erik Chudy says:

      well in that case, it’s not very courteous! I actually do think they were out of trays at that moment for some reason, but either way it’s ridiculous. it created a huge hassle to put down my food and relocate like 5 things from my tray, and causes more of a problem when I have to throw all these items away without a tray to carry them on. not one table she bothered had empty trays, everyone had to go through the same trouble I did. either way, I will definitely say no from now on!

      • Linda Whitley says:

        Interesting. I ate my first Freddy’s burger in Flagstaff, AZ and I was very impressed with the flavor of the burger. It was as close to home made as I have eaten in a long long time. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had one from a fast food restaurant that I enjoyed so well. I must admit that the burger wanted to slip away from the bun and it became a bit messy but was well worth the extra care I had to take. For the price I feel the value was certainly there, everything was fresh and no one tried to snatch my tray away during my meal. I give the whole experience two thumbs up.

  2. CD Cull says:

    Does anyone know if Freddy burgers have pink slime in the burger like other fast food restaurants?. Pink slime was first showed on air by CNN.

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