Anthony’s Burger & Brews

August 6th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks yummyI lived in the northern-most part of North Las Vegas for the first 7 years I was in town, so when I moved to the south west earlier this year it opened up a whole new world of food choices for me. Everything took me 30+ minutes to get to, and places like the M Casino might as well have been in LA. Even where I live now the M is pretty far out there, so when a friend had a potential business related venture there I tagged along to pay a visit and took the opportunity to check out Anthony’s Burger & Brews. I haven’t really heard much of the place other than that it was the feature burger joint of the M so I didn’t know what to expect. Is it worth the drive to the middle of nowhere?

a bit open?The M Casino is seriously far out there, everyone complains about how far Aliante is in the north, but I feel like it’s still surrounded by a lot of development. The M just seems desolate. Either way, I never go there because there are plenty of comparable choices much closer, but every time I do I’m pleasantly reminded of the design. The interior is definitely of the nicer casinos in town and I almost wish it was closer to civilization. What is unfortunate is the ‘space’ that is Anthony’s. The fancier steakhouse is lucky enough to inhabit a more defined area, but the burger joint is just in an open atrium area right by the entrance. It’s very loud and undefined, but does have a good opportunity for people watching either from the entry or towards the pool area if that’s something you’re into. The menu is pretty huge, you can read it for yourself, even the burger selection is pretty abundant and a welcome sight.

cooked wellI went with the lager burger as I’m always a fan of mushrooms and swiss, and being from Boston I’m slightly partial to Sam Adams. The meat had good flavor upon first bite, and was cooked to the medium rare I had ordered. The mushrooms were just ok, not any strong flavor but good enough. The cheese was melted but didn’t play much of a flavor role either. The bun was really good; it was different like more of a dinner roll or something. It looked like it could have the potential to be dry but was thin enough to be perfect; soft and fresh.

great friesThe fries were really good; natural cut, long and fresh with some tasty crunchy bits in there. We went with the full portion which was way more than enough for two. The truffle mayo was really flavorful and tasty, but almost became too rich as I kept dipping. Overall it was very good, but nothing stood out as really great for some reason. $12 for the burger is acceptable for a casino location, but two burgers, an order of fries and an iced tea quickly jumped to almost $38 which seems a bit high to me. If you’re in the property or live close by you should definitely come check it out, otherwise I can’t say it’s worth the drive all the way out there.

Overall score: 80

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