Tommy Bahama

July 24th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

great bacon hiding here!With burgers being such a polarizing topic, everyone seems to think they know they best around. So naturally everyone I know constantly recommends another place in town, half of which I dismiss because they just sound awful. Such is the case with Tommy Bahama when a contractor named David I’m working with in town mentioned it. Out of all the places people throw out there, a clothing store has not been one of them and instantly sounded awful. After much persuasion, and perhaps the offer of a free meal, I caved and went with him to check it out. Could a chain known for its clothes also sport a restaurant with a VBB-worthy burger?

looks like the clothing store!The restaurant is located in Town Square which can be a pain to visit at times, but also offers great people watching in the right spots.  And Tommy’s definitely has a great patio outside to do just that. The inside of the restaurant looks a lot like their clothing stores with muted colors, decorative ceiling fans and pendant lights with sea shells on them. There’s also a decent sized bar which is a quick way to drop in and out for a bite even when they’re busy.



thick bacon!I can’t speak much to the menu based on my visit as David knew exactly what we were ordering and placed it right away. It is available online though, and has quite a few options. The burger selected for me was the Smokehouse Angus Burger: prime Angus, toasted brioche, roasted garlic aioli, sharp white cheddar, red onion and Nueske’s bacon. Upon first bite I noticed instantly that the bun was great, almost challah-like. It was soft on the outside, grilled and crispy on the inside. The top bun had a sweet ketchup spread on it, the bottom had the garlic aioli. Both spreads were minimal and just enough for flavor without being overpowering or messy. The meat had great flavor and was cooked close to my medium-rare that was ordered. The onions were fresh and not overpowering, but I still took some off as to not hijack too much of the overall flavor. The star of this burger by far was the bacon; it was crunchy, thick and had terrific flavor.

The fries weren’t awful; they had good flavor and weren’t oily or stale as they have often been around town lately. I wished for a bit more, but they didn’t detract from the meal as a few have. As a whole I was definitely impressed with this burger, I really wasn’t expecting much coming into it and got way more than expected. And although I didn’t pay for this meal (thanks David!), I would say that the $13.50 menu price might be a bit steep for this. I don’t know if I would include it in my Vegas ‘must have’ list as this is still a bit of a chain, but if you’re in Town Square and looking for a good burger you should definitely stop by.

Overall score: 86

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  1. David Koerber says:

    Just my way of saying thank you for going that extra mile. Hope someday we can look back on this project and laugh?

    Next time we lunch it’ll be your pick for the burger joint.

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