Steiner’s Pub

June 14th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

there's a surprise hiding hereSo I still don’t get this whole “Nevada style pub” crap and I’ve been here for over 8 years now, but if someone claims that one of said pubs has a great burger, I’m always up for the challenge. These pubs seem like every other generic, chain-looking venue that I’ve seen in every other state I’ve been to so I don’t know what makes them “Nevada styled” but whatever. Anyway, today’s pub in question is Steiner’s, not really a spot that was on my radar for any reason until someone recently suggested it. And I must say, once again I was a bit surprised.

typical barAs I said earlier, the interior is pretty typical for a ‘pub’; dark wood floors, dark wood tables, and a ton of neon beer signs. But I don’t think you’re ever going to one of these places for the ambiance. The menu has pretty much anything you can think of in the genre of American comfort food, and their website actually claims it is ‘sophisticated’ at that. Click the link for the full menu rundown as it’s too much to list here. Speaking just about burgers, they offer a few great sounding choices mostly named after casinos on the strip. They all sound pretty good, and I’ll potentially be going back to try a couple others.

perfect!This time around I decided to skip the casino themes and go with the Kobe burger: “beer fed, hand massaged and sake brushed beef served on a sweet sourdough bun with Maui onions and aged white cheddar cheese, heirloom tomato and leaf lettuce.” What came out looked somewhat unassuming, but tasted fantastic. The Kobe had terrific flavor and was cooked perfectly. The orange-colored heirloom tomato was a great touch; I only wish it was a tiny bit bigger so it could stand out more. The cheese was melted, a bit too subtle but good. The Maui onions were sweet and great, but a bit too much for me so I pulled them out halfway through. The bun was super dense, soft and delicious. Almost like a Hawaiian sweet roll and a sourdough had a baby. Overall this was a fantastic burger, and a total surprise.

lots of friesThe fries were good too. I didn’t like the a-la-carte option or the $4.39 price tag, but you do get quite a lot for the price. Some slightly undercooked for my taste but good overall. What isn’t good is that my burger, fries and drink came to $22.56 which is way too high for a single burger meal in a local’s spot, even if it is a great burger. With a price point like that it’s still tough to fight with the price of something like the Dispensary Lounge even if it is a damn good burger.

Overall score: 88

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  1. Love Steiner’s Pub … Had the Kobe burger and the amazing basil romano dressing and I fell in love with the Creme Brulee … I think the atmosphere is awesome, and Ken’s show broadcasts there live every Wednesday … Think the world of the staff and just wanted to stop by and say that this is a great place for adults to gather and watch the games.

  2. Mike says:

    The crazy thing is that the burger review above, the Kobe burger, might very well be the worst one on the menu. Seriously. The Trojan burger is stupid good. The Fiesta burger is messy, but delish. And let’s not forget the ever rotating chef challenge burgers (a new addition since the review was posted). The World Cup burger was chili glazed with cilantro jalepeno mayo topped with carnitas and tomato and mango salsa. Holy good God!

  3. sports bar says:

    Steiner’s Pub on Buffalo Drive is a good choice for dinner. Bar is usually stocked with friendly regulars. Nice selection of bottled beers.

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