BLT Burger (a revisit)

May 29th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

they start so innocentI’ve gone for repeat burger visits in the past year or so of this blog’s existence, but those have all been due to relying on a tried and true favorite. This is an instance of me returning to a place I absolutely hated in the hopes that they could turn things around for me. The first time I went to BLT Burger it was so awful that it made me angry; I didn’t use any pictures and barely posted two paragraphs’ worth of information. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews since that initial visit so I figured I’d go back and see if they were just having an off day, or maybe I was?



out in the open

The restaurant is located off of one of the main entries from the strip, directly across a cheesy gift shop and in quite a loud area. The open design of the restaurant, combined with speakers all over the place creates quite a loud atmosphere. There are many two and four seat tables towards the front overlooking the hotel circulation, with some larger tables and a bar in the back with a view of their display kitchen. It’s a cool concept, but you lose the burger magic when you see them pulling out pre-made patties and dropping them onto the grill. I like to imagine that mine are always hand formed each time right before they’re cooked. As before, my complaint about their menu remains: for a restaurant with ‘burger’ in its name, they don’t have nearly enough pre-designed burgers to choose from on their menu. They do offer a Lamb Tandoori and some other odd assemblies, but the all beef selections don’t really dominate the menu.

lots of lettuce!Since my ‘Classic’ failed me last time, I figured I’d go with the more expensive American Wagyu burger either as a way to put more pressure on them or to see if more money brings a better burger. The result? The bun was great; soft, buttery, well-proportioned. There was far too much lettuce, the pickle slices in the middle of it all were good, and I pulled out my whole onion slice as usual. The Swiss was melted but a bit too salty. The Wagyu, or ‘American Kobe’, had good steak-ish flavor, and was cooked close to the medium rare that I had ordered. There was a bit of drippage and juicyness with the first bite that vanished about halfway through my meal. Overall the burger was decent, nothing out of this world. While my burger was cooked properly this time, I can’t say that the extra $4 is worth it over the regular patty as my last one was completely overcooked and dry and not a fair comparison.

I see youAs usual the fries were awful. They were actually cold, had a bad oily flavor and were stale almost to the point they were too hard to chew. Looking back on my last review they were quite similar to before. Hopefully you know me enough now to understand that bad fries equal unhappiness. Want even more unhappiness? $28.65 is just ridiculous for this meal, even with a $17 burger plus a dollar more for my stupid slice of cheese this is far too much. Having to pay another $5 for fries that suck is a kick in the ass. If I had ordered the Classic it would have only been $4 cheaper and still way too expensive. Their website even states that the average check is $22, and to that I say “too bad”. My burger was ok overall, but terrible fries and an almost $30 check make this one I can’t recommend for a second time.

Overall score: 69

3 Responses

  1. lupita says:

    great place to eat!!!

    • Erik says:

      are we talking about the same place that I describe above as a horribly overpriced and underwhelming meal? so do you work for the restaurant or their PR people? I don’t get how a burger joint that no one ever mentions to me is doing so well in the voting…

  2. Richard says:

    This place actually was quite good when it opened, at least as far as the quality of the burger goes. I think there has been chef turnover since they started however, because like you Eric, the last two times I’ve been there it’s been completely underwhelming especially for the money.

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