The Pub at Monte Carlo

April 20th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

why hello there bunIn a case of ‘I was in the building so I figured I’d try it out’, I had to be at the Monte Carlo this week for a meeting right around lunch time and thought I’d take that opportunity to try a new burger spot. While not a single person has recommended me to The Pub, I figured I’d try it out nonetheless as their menu listed several different options online and a friend said she had a great burger there. So have I stumbled across a hidden gem?

Located in the always desolate ‘mall’ area of the Monte Carlo, The Pub as its name suggests is very much focused on their beer selection. The space is huge, with a lot of high top tables, and a sinuous bar that seems to go on forever through the room. The menu offers many selections from typical bar food, to some more atypical items like wiener schnitzel, shrimp po’boy, and muffaletta. But placed in the center of the menu is a highlighted Build Your Own Burger section, with several pre-made choices placed next to it.

big barI went with the Pub Burger, which consists of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and The Pub secret sauce. Upon first bite the meat had great char flavor, but that kind of got lost as I got into the rest of it. The ‘regular’ bun I went with was way too big, thick and dry. It had a good buttery smell, but that hint of flavor didn’t come through enough. The meat had good flavor overall as well, it was cooked just right, but was not as juicy as I would have liked as there was no mess at the end. I see that mess on my plate when I’m finished and it makes me all the more satisfied. The cheese was non-existent in the whole assembly, but it had ok flavor when I pulled some out and tried some on its own. The secret sauce was almost non-existent too; luckily there was some sauce on the onions I pulled out so I was able to sample it. It was eerily similar to In-N-Out sauce, seemed to be a relish-based flavor. Overall this was a decent burger, nothing outstanding. Maybe if the bun was a bit smaller and less overpowering I could have enjoyed the overall flavor of everything a tiny bit more.

too much bun!My beer-battered fries were ok, they had decent flavor and were cooked well. Nothing out of this world. Can anyone suggest a place they’ve had lately with stand out fries?? Probably not. By the end of my meal I was full, maybe even satisfied, but not blown away. This was just another run-of-the-mill decent burger, I feel like a lot of the bars I go to lately are just coming through on creating a slightly better than normal burger that fits the formula. I miss being blown away I guess. My burger, fries and iced tea came to just over $18 which is acceptable for a location on the strip I suppose, but there are far better options on the strip if you’re specifically going somewhere for a stand out burger.

Overall score: 80

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