The Dillinger

April 25th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks tasty!I’m not sure how many of my readers regularly go out to Boulder City, but Vegas seems to be one of those places that everyone wants to visit. Tourists typically want to see the Hoover Dam so I’ve definitely made my way in this direction many times in the years I’ve lived here. Besides, Boulder actually has a cool little scene going on and The Dillinger is a bar I wish was located downtown around some of my other favorite spots. Since they opened, the folks at The Dillinger have been tweeting me to come try their burger. It took me a few months to actually make my way there, but now that I have I can say it was definitely worth the wait.

The Dillinger is a cool looking place, and I’m not just saying that because a friend was involved with its development. You notice this as soon as you try to walk in the doors when you grab the shotgun door handles. Inside there is a bar with about 8-10 seats, and a few tables around the perimeter. The finishes are kind of rustic and Old West, with signs and photos on the walls to match. We initially sat inside at the only open table, but quickly decided that we would rather be outside since it was far too loud in there and it was beautiful out. There were only maybe 25 people in there, but it sounded worse. Our waitress even mentioned that it was louder than usual and she had a hard time hearing us.

The menu has a lot of great sounding sandwiches and salads, as well as a very large and constantly changing beer selection, but I was here to sample their featured gourmet burgers. Many of them sounded delicious, and luckily I was there with someone else which allowed me the opportunity to get a sample of a second one. I went with their signature Dillinger burger, which comes with cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon and beef brisket. I was nervous after another experience I’ve had with brisket in a burger, but stuck with it in the hopes that this would work out.

delicious!And it did. The meat had really great flavor, although it was cooked much more than the medium-rare than I ordered it was still quite juicy. The bun was soft yet flaky, and very good. The bacon stood out as well at first, it was crispy and very flavorful but the star in this burger was the brisket; it was tender, extremely juicy and had fantastic flavor. The bun to meat ratio was a tiny bit off, but the extra bit of bun I had at the end was very welcome as it was coated with tasty brisket grease and also had a bit of a crisp texture from the griddle.

Since I mentioned it, the second burger was the Baby Face Nelson, which comes with baked Brie, mixed greens and fig marmalade. It had the same great bun and great meat flavor. The Brie was a very good-sized chunk although it wasn’t quite melted enough for my taste. The marmalade was very sweet and delicious, combined with the mixed greens the burger was an overall great assembly of a ‘healthy’ burger alternative.

outsideMy regular fries were slightly typical but still very good and cooked well. The sweet potato fries that we ordered with the other burger were also very good. Overall both of our meals were excellent, and I was very satisfied with driving 30+ minutes to try it out. All of the burgers on the menu are in the $8-12 range which is more than an acceptable price for what you get; the total for our meal which included two burgers, an iced tea and a beer was around $33. I have spent almost as much for just myself for far less quality, so this was a welcome meal. The only major problem I have with this meal is how far I will have to drive to eat there again, but in my opinion it’s worth it. I will note that while we were sitting inside our waitress was very attentive, but as soon as we stepped outside with the other three seated tables we almost never saw her other than when she delivered our food. In fact, when we got our bill she took so long to come back out that I gave up and went inside to pay. Not the end of the world, but something to note if you chose the outdoor seating.

Overall score: 91

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  1. Cliff Lange says:

    I’ve been hitting up the highest ranked places every time I visit LV and The Dillinger was my latest stop. I was expecting better I guess since they were so highly touted (from their fans I’m assuming) in the latest tournament. I ordered The Dillinger and it was a big burger but I really didn’t think the burger itself had that great of flavor. The brisket and bacon was tasty but overwhelmed the taste of the burger itself. I think it’s a sign of a good burger when you can really taste the actual beef and it tastes like beef, not everything else. A friend that I was with felt the same way and he had the burger without the brisket. The fries were really good. The only problem was that I was sitting outside and there were tons of flies all around. They had a big fan blowing but it didn’t do anything to keep the flies away. It was actually really distracting and took away from the experience. So out of the last few visits to Bachi, Pizza Rock, The Dillinger, Ramsay’s BurgR, Wine 5, Dispensary, I have to say that I would rank them Bachi, BurgR (great tasting meat), Pizza Rock, Dispensary, Dillinger and then Wine 5. I’m no expert, I just love burgers and do eat a lot of them. Thanks for what you do!!

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