Skybox (CLOSED)

April 20th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

understated plateMy ‘Burgers to-do’ list in my phone is constantly growing, and I tend to knock off the ones I’m more excited about as opposed to places that have been on the list for a long time. Such is the case with Skybox at Aria, it’s been on my list for well over a year but I’ve had no desire to make my way in there. Having to be on the strip yet again for a meeting around lunch time I took the opportunity to check off one more typically avoided strip location. Was it worth the wait?

hallway or restaurant?Skybox is located in a space that looks like a corridor in any other part of City Center, but in this case they happened to drop in some tables and a bunch of TV screens to make it into a ‘sports bar’. I use this term very loosely as the ‘bar’ has no identity other than a couple framed pictures of old sports legends and said tables. The menu offers everything you would expect from a sports bar: wings, nachos, salads, hot dogs, cheese steaks and of course burgers. I also noted right away while glancing the menu that everything is around $15+ which seemed a bit high, more on that later.

cooked okI went with the American Burger which is your standard lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and cheddar along with a house made spread. There was a good char flavor upon first bite, something I’ve experienced with the last few burgers I’ve eaten. It was a tiny bit overcooked but close to the medium-rare I ordered, it was nice and juicy and had ok beef flavor. The tomato was very fresh, the onions were ok, but the cheese was not entirely melted and I seemed to hit some sort of a cold spot at one point between the cheese, tomatoes and even meat. The potato(?) bun was ok, maybe a tiny bit thick, but the meat to bun ratio was off as I had a good chunk of bun sitting on my plate at the end all by itself. I kind of forgot about the house made spread from the menu while I was eating it and just assumed at one point that I was mayo. It didn’t really taste like much more than that at least. Overall it was ok, again nothing above a typical pub burger.

good friesThe thick cut fries were surprisingly good; they were cooked well and had good flavor. They were actually a welcome change to the norm I have been coming across lately. As I was writing some notes down upon completion of my meal I wrote out a score of 86, which is possibly a bit high but what I consider slightly above average and fair for this…that is until I was handed my bill. My $15 burger somehow transformed into a $27 meal! I must have fries with a burger and I didn’t really pay attention to the menu, but $6 for hand cut fries is just insane. And to top it off they charged me $4.50(!!!) for an iced tea. WTF?! This change of events quickly turned around my entire outlook on this meal and made it a total fail; strip location or not $27 for a barely above average burger meal for one person is just freakin’ insane. I couldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Overall score: 70

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