Cheeburger Cheeburger

April 18th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks okThere have been many times when I knew right away that I was in love with a burger, but rarely have I disliked one instantly. That is until now of course, in the case of Cheeburger Cheeburger. I actually stated “I hate this bun” as soon as I swallowed my first bite, and it only went downhill from there. Read on if you dare.

it's a bit red in hereThere are apparently many locations all over the country of this place, although I can’t say it’s really been on my radar aside from a few recommendations through friends in town. And after my experience, I’m not sure if I would consider these folks my friends… the interior is kind of like a stand-alone Johnny Rockets; 50’s diner style right down to the cheesy neon and stainless steel on the walls. It’s extremely gimmicky, and much worse than any Fatburger I’ve ever been near. It wasn’t overly crowded the night I was there for dinner, but there were several families and it really confused me as to how this place is popular.

The menu offers burgers ranging from 1lb down to a 5.5 ounce ‘beginner’, along with chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads and the option of supposedly over 1,285,000 combinations of shakes. They offer some odd toppings such as peanut butter, pepperoni and salsa. I guess there are options for anyone looking to create a disgusting burger.

the lighting is rough in there!I was excited to see Heinz 57 sauce as an option, and mistakenly ordered it on my burger along with mushrooms, lettuce and tomato. As I said, upon first bite the bun turned me off; it was incredibly dry, had no flavor, and was way too thick and large for the sandwich. It was grilled and buttered on the inside, but that little bit of flavor couldn’t compete with the vacuum of flavor created by the dryness. The meat was actually cooked quite well and had decent flavor, but the person I was eating with didn’t have as much luck so I question their consistency and must assume I was lucky for now. My mushrooms had ok flavor but the small amount I was given got lost in the other flavors. And by other flavors I really just mean my Heinz 57 sauce, which completely took over the entire burger with its semi-BBQ flavor. I always thought I liked that sauce, but apparently not on burgers. I also must note that I only ordered the 1/3lb burger which I can easily handle, but this was so bad I only finished a little more than half.

skimpy but goodThe one positive factor of this meal was that because of my Foursquare check-in we were given a free order of small ½ fries and ½ onion rings. Both of them were ok; the fries were crispy and had decent flavor other than the couple of really undercooked ones that snuck in our basket. The onion rings were the thin, greasy, crispy battered type which I love, as opposed to the thick-breaded, hard to bite through variety. They were good, although I’m just not a huge fan of onion rings. They offer a few different dipping sauces; we went with the Zesty Horseradish sauce which was ok I guess.

By the time we were done with our meal we were completely dissatisfied and turned off by everything. We almost got mad that there were so many families and other people seemingly enjoying what they were eating. The only tasty parts of our meal were the Oreo and Peanut Butter Cup shakes we got, and that’s not something I typically order. With the free fries and onion rings our meal cost $25.20, it would have been over $30 if those weren’t free. This price does include $7.98 for two shakes, but is a bit too much for how unhappy we were. $6.99 for a burger isn’t a bad price, especially off the strip, but what I was given I wouldn’t pay for again. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it, just avoid this place.

Overall score: 50

4 Responses

  1. Gill says:

    You said you love the type of onion rings, then said you don’t care for onion rings. You ordered with Heinz 57, you sounded like you were so excited about that. You must know what it tastes like. blaming taste on restaurant.
    Not the fault of the restaurant. Also, if you would have told them you didn’t care for the burger with this sauce, they would have replaced it.
    You’re a moron!

    Ps I don’t work for them, I’m 65 in Florida.

    • Erik Chudy says:

      I definitely did have some contradictory comments in this post, you are correct. my wording may have been off, but saying something to the effect of “I don’t typically like Brussels sprouts but these were ok” is hardly moronic so I’m not sure how to respond to the onion ring comment. also, I hardly blamed the restaurant for the flavor of the Heinz 57 sauce, I’d love to have you point out where exactly I do that? I fully realize that I ruined my own burger with the sauce, but take that away and it was still an awful burger. you failed to acknowledge my comment about the dry bun, why is that? my friend’s burger was horrible as well; overly rare in some spots and completely overcooked in others. she barely ate half of it because it wasn’t edible. and while I would typically send food back if it’s not satisfactory, when I go for a review I take it as-is, and she felt the same way. my comments above are my own opinion, everyone has a right to one. if that makes me a moron, so be it. thanks for reading.

  2. Sarah says:

    Erik Chudy, I do not think that you are a moron for expressing your opinion. I actually respect your opinion. 🙂 You sure give a lot of details, and you’re extremel descriptive.

  3. Sigil says:

    “I guess there are options for anyone looking to create a disgusting burger.”

    I am slowly catching up on your posts and literally laughed out loud at this gem. Keep the reviews coming this is brilliant.

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