SinCity Burgers (CLOSED)

March 27th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

might be ok?I still get excited when I come across a new place that no one has told me about in the hopes that I’ve discovered some gem in the city. But I guess my rule that if no one mentions a place it’s probably for a good reason, or it’s at least located in a part of town that no one would ever find it. In the case of SinCity Burgers (yes it is one word); I think the latter would apply, although the former is equally questionable.

needs helpThe location is definitely not the greatest; right next to a gas station at Russell and Decatur where no one really lives and only a handful of office parks exist.  The interior is a bit sparse and needs a slight retouch; the handful of small ‘vintage’ Vegas posters really gets lost on the walls. The menu is painfully complicated; with options including a Sincity Burger, 1/2 Burger, 1/3 Burger, 1/4 Burger, Dbl 1/2 Burger, Triple 1/2 Burger…that’s just way too many choices. They also have a Sin Sandwich with chicken, wraps, hot dogs and plenty of add-ons (the menu amazingly adds an apostrophe to the word on’s).

wish I could order medium rareI tried to keep it simple and ordered their Signature Burger which is a 1/2lb burger topped with Swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, tomato, sin sauce, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. As soon as I ordered I saw the cook reach into a drawer and pull what looked like a pre-made patty off a piece of wax paper and drop a perfect circle of meat onto the grill. Not encouraging. What arrived at my table a few minutes later looked better than I anticipated though. The bun was really soft, deliciously grilled, buttery and great. Although the meat looked generic, it had good flavor and was seasoned with lots of pepper it seemed. The mushrooms were really good along with the onions, although they might have been a bit overpowering. The Sin Sauce was decent too, maybe a chipotle may or something with a bit of a kick to it? Overall this wasn’t too bad considering all the variables.

The fries sadly lived up to the non-hype; they were extremely generic and reminded of carnival fries. It’s such a common gripe of mine, and apparently the hardest thing for most restaurants to get right with a burger meal. As a whole this meal was ok, I enjoyed the burger and would have a lot more if the fries were halfway decent. The price wasn’t too bad either, $9.61 for what you’re given isn’t out of question, and again could be even more reasonable if the fries were good quality. I don’t know if I’d tell you to go out of your way for this, and now that I think of it Farmer Boys is down the street and a much better bargain.

Overall score: 76

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