All-American Bar & Grille

March 27th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

big plateAfter living in Vegas for over 8 years now I’ve eaten quite a few burgers all over town, but since starting this blog I’ve had to look at many of them in a whole new light. One burger I’ve eaten many times is the one at All-American Bar & Grille at the Rio because I used to work down the street. I remembered it being decent, but how does it hold up now that I’m being completely subjective?

The front seating area of All-American is a fairly clean, loud area with a big bar and lots of TV’s, open directly into the equally loud and slightly more hideous casino floor. It’s great for people watching as the Rio doesn’t always attract the most savory folks. It was especially great the day I went for my burger, as NASCAR was in town. Need I say more? The back seating area of the restaurant is a bit ‘nicer’; if you’re coming here for a steak you might want to eat back there.

not rare enough!Both the lunch and dinner menus are fairly similar, featuring a wide variety of steaks and pretty much every generic thing offered in all bars across the country. The choice of the day for me was the All-American Classic Burger which I got with sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and the standard lettuce, tomato and onions. What gets served to you is a decent presentation, but I was a bit disappointed by the waffle fries that I immediately saw on my plate as I’m typically not a fan and I wasn’t given a choice for anything else. The meat had decent flavor, but was way overcooked from the medium-rare I had ordered, while my friend’s medium was cooked how I would have liked. Did they mix up our orders or can they just not cook to order properly? The bun had good flavor, but was a bit too thick and way too dry. The sautéed mushrooms had peppery good flavor, and the Swiss was melted and tasted good. And while I used maybe ¼ of the lettuce they provided me, all of the veggies were fresh and good as well.

My waffle fries as I mentioned were quite disappointing; kind of stale, not very hot and pretty generic. For years coming to All-American I remembered getting a basket of random fries; some waffle, curly, skinny, and fat. That would have been more welcome as I liked the variety, even if it seemed like you were always eating from a mixed bottom of the barrel.

Overall the burger was good, but nothing out of this world. $15+ is probably about right for a casino location such as this, but I think it’s a little steep for what it is. Plus the service has typically been less than stellar every time I’ve been there. I think on this particular trip our waitress took our food order and drink order at the same time. Talk about being prompt. There probably aren’t too many other choices off the strip by the Rio, but if you’re at the property and want a burger you can’t go wrong, just don’t go out of your way to come here.

Overall score: 74

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