Le Burger Brasserie

February 5th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

A little over a year ago Burger Boy and I went on a burger eating binge across Las Vegas, and were able to check off most of the locations we wanted. One of them that we didn’t get to, and one that took me over a year to get back to, is Le Burger Brasserie at the Paris. It’s a location that seems to fly well under the radar of burger enthusiasts in town as I never hear about it, and the few times I’ve brought it up in conversation no one seems to know what I’m talking about. And even though it’s a strip location and not the hidden local gem I’m searching for, this place is still an unknown that I’m glad to have discovered.

The restaurant is located in a strange transitional connector area between the Paris and Bally’s amidst a few retail stores and other touristy junk. The venue is billed as a ‘Sports Grille’, but due to the lack of sports events going on the night I was there I didn’t really get that feel, but instead it just felt more like a typical touristy strip restaurant. Not that this is a negative, just wasn’t all that fancy or unique of an interior.

The menu is French themed as one would expect, with your typical offerings of sliders, salads, entrees, and of course burgers, but all with a French theme and French names. For burger patty options you can chose from beef, vegetarian, salmon, chicken and turkey. And if you’re feeling really spendy you can order the 777 Burger, with Kobe beef, Maine lobster, a 100-year aged balsamic served with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon Champagne. I was not, so I went with a Le Paris burger, which came with Brie, caramelized onion and smoked bacon on a caramelized onion bun. The bartender talked me into getting the waffle fries which I typically don’t like, but more on that shortly.

The burger came out in a nice presentation with the top bun next to the rest of the ensemble, and an olive stuck on top. The bun wasn’t quite cut in half as the top portion seemed extra thin, but didn’t present as much of a problem as I feared. Upon first bite I was impressed with the burger; the meat had great flavor, was cooked perfectly, and was proportioned very well to the bun. The brie and onions also had really good flavor, and the smoked bacon was cooked just right. The bun was sweet and delicious, and almost had a croissant flavor to it which I appreciated. The French theme carried through all the way, and it was great.

The waffle fries were also quite good, even considering the fact that I don’t typically like them. This selection prevented me from checking out their regular fries, but based on the burger and waffle fries I had, I’m sure they’re ok. Also, the pickle that came on the side was good, but I’m starting to think that’s it’s kind of hard to mess up a pickle.

The overall price of my meal was $21.08, which included a $12 burger, $4 waffle fries and a $3.50 iced tea. While I have a bit of a hard time paying over $7 for the fry and drink portion of my meal, the total price for a strip location, as well as the quality of my burger was more than acceptable.  So although you may have never heard of the place, and the Paris probably isn’t too much of an attraction these days for locals, Le Burger Brasserie serves up a great burger and is worth checking out. Plus, it’s located very close to the garage entrance so it’s easy to get in and out of the property without straying too far.

Overall score: 88

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