Cruzers Burgers (CLOSED)

February 19th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

good looking mealI was recently contacted by the folks behind Cruzers to come give their signature burger a try. I appreciate the request, not only does it mean that more people are perhaps starting to read this blog, but maybe that some restaurant owners and chefs actually value my opinion. Well that’s wishful thinking at least. Either way I ventured there the other day for lunch to give it a shot. Both the Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews were very mixed so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Long story short, it wasn’t so bad.

Cruzers is located way out in Henderson on Boulder Hwy so it’s definitely not in a convenient central location to most folks in the Valley, especially some of my out of town readers that are looking for places to try while visiting. The area definitely has an older feel to it, one that I’m not too familiar with these days as I rarely venture this far out of town. The restaurant has been set up in an old school fast food formatted building, I’m not sure what was there before but if you told me A&W, Sonic, or any of that variety I wouldn’t be surprised. The interior could use a little bit of work, but it’s very clean so that’s really just a matter of taste. Also from what I was reading online and what I experienced with the guy in front of me, they seem to occasionally have some credit card machine issues, but mine went through instantly.

a bit greyThe menu is pretty slim and straightforward; some salads and sandwiches such as pastrami, chicken breast, cheesesteaks, etc. I’ve read many good things about the grilled chicken breast online so I might have to make it back at some point to try it. The star of the show is their burger, which is made from 100% certified Angus beef ground daily on site and made into patties each morning. They offer their hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce at a small or regular size, or the signature PCH burger which comes on a fresh roll and includes any 2 extras such as cheese, bacon, chili, mushrooms, pastrami and a fried egg. Also something to note was the sign I read in the seating area about their fries; they are made from scratch every day, partially peeled and cooked to order so they are very fresh each time.

Because it’s one of my go-to burgers I went with the PCH burger with mushroom and Swiss. The food took a few minutes to come out which is totally fine since they are making it to order. Upon arrival I was instantly impressed with the overall look of everything as it didn’t look like your typical fast food meal. It was also brought out to my table by the chef herself which definitely added to the locally owned feel of the place. The burger has two thin patties, but they weren’t dry at all. The meat had great flavor, and quite a bit of seasoning which I liked. The bun was really fresh and good, and well-proportioned to the meat. My mushrooms had good flavor, although I was longing for a few more than I got and there was a bit more grease than I would have anticipated. The mayo, onions and tomato were all good, although the tomato had a bit of green in it. I’m sounding a bit nitpicky, as I’m here to be, but overall this was a really good burger.

The fries were really good too, fresh as claimed, crispy, flavorful, and a million times better than Five Guys’ greasy overrated offerings. They were cooked perfectly and consistent all the way through the pile which is often surprisingly hard for some places to do. Combine all this with a very reasonable price of $7.95 for my meal and you have a really good deal. Just a few dollars more than In-N-Out, several less than Five Guys, but arguably better quality than both.

You can tell that the folks behind the counter really pay attention to each meal prepared, just as expected from a much fancier place. A few times during my meal the chef and gentleman behind the counter came out to speak with everyone dining there and check on their food. Between the pace of ordering as well as preparation of the food the experience could potentially sway from friendly and attentive to slow and aggravating as you can read in the many reviews already written on Yelp and Urbanspoon. I appreciate what these guys are doing and encourage you to support a local spot such as this. They may have some kinks to work out, and could really use an interior designer’s touch on the dining area, but if you are anywhere near the Henderson area you should give these guys a shot.

Overall score: 85

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  1. Rebekah says:

    I agree the burgers are pretty good. I tried one of their specials, Frank’s Chicken Fried Steak Burger and it was good, different and nothing like any other burger I’ve ever tried.

    Consquently I’ve grown up in the area, so I do know what the building was before Cruzers moved in. It was a Taco Bell and I use to eat their as well as a kid, not too much though as I am really not a fan of fast food mexican food. But anyway I think this place is an improvement and will probably give The Omlette House next door a run for their money.

  2. Sigil says:

    Sadly this one is now closed.

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