The Cracked Egg

January 3rd, 2012 by Erik Chudy

I see lots of lettuce!Still on the hunt for a good burger in an unassuming restaurant, I recently ventured to The Cracked Egg’s Henderson location. It’s been in my to-do list on my phone for a while now, pulled from some Yelp list that hasn’t really brought me any real treats yet. Most people’s recommendations and opinions for food are typically below my expectations, but someone has to come through right? Looks like I might have to keep going on that list.

The Cracked Egg is in a typical local strip mall and blends in with everything else from the outside like the rest of our mundane suburban locations. The inside is very open, pretty loud and not that fancy. Some breakfast themed restaurants have a slightly cozier feel than this, but in no means is it uninviting or that bad.

looks like a warehouseThis restaurant is really a breakfast place, and the menu reflects that all the way; you have the full gamut of breakfast choices but I’m sure way better than anything you’d find at an IHOP. The burger options make up a very small section of the menu, with only a few choices that seem like typical offerings for a menu like this.

overcookedI went with a mushroom and Swiss burger to once again sample a baseline offering, as they don’t really give you the option for a stand-out feature burger. What you’re given is a pretty standard looking plate with a good sized burger, pickle wedge, lots of onion, a very large piece of lettuce and some oddly seasoned fries. The seemingly pre-made (not hand-made) patty was thin, yet juicy. It had ok flavor, but wasn’t really cooked medium as I had asked. The bun was a bit thin, and made me nervous based on how juicy the burger was, but still held up through to the end. The mushrooms and Swiss both had good flavor and were welcome toppings, whereas my giant hunk of lettuce was a bit much.

As I said before, the fries had an odd seasoning on them I can’t quite place. They were just ok, not that fresh and not too crispy. Overall the meal was just ok, depending on how much of a factor you consider the fries to be I don’t have too much to complain about, but it just wasn’t that great overall. At $8.95 it’s not a horrible price, but I’ve had far better from some other less-than-fancy places lately that were even cheaper. If you’re a breakfast lover I’m sure you couldn’t go wrong here, but if you’re looking for a good cheap burger in Henderson, there are much better places.

Overall score: 71

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