Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

January 22nd, 2012 by Erik Chudy

damn goodI recently had the pleasure of going out for a burger with a fellow food blogger who turned me onto several great new locations for burgers and some other good food in town. He suggested we meet up at an off-the-strip location that wasn’t anywhere on my radar, and although he’s a much more established writer than yours truly, I really wasn’t sure if I could trust his judgment as I’ve been steered in the wrong path quite often in this town. The restaurant was Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, and luckily so far his recommendations are 1 for 1.

Fleming’s is located in Summerlin amidst quite a number of stuffy people and restaurants. When I pulled up to the restaurant I noticed that they offered valet, but since I typically hate valeting my car I thought I’d try some of my parking karma. After a long drive around most of the parking lot in the back, I caved and pulled back in front to valet my car. After being through this, I would suggest using their valet service if you ever go; they park right in front of the place and have your car there in seconds.

The burger in question is only served at their bar and not in the main restaurant, and to top it off the burger is half price during happy hour. More on that in a bit. We chose to meet on a Friday night at 6, if you’re going to do this prepare for a bit of a crowd. We ended up running into a couple friends I knew so we were able to kind of sneak an extra seat into the bar and sit pretty quickly, but don’t necessarily count on this as there were many people hovering until around 8. The bar itself has maybe a dozen or so seats, plus several high top tables of 4 seats each.

cooked perfectly!They offer a couple choices for the burger, but per my recommendation I went with the Fleming’s Prime Burger which comes with cheddar and peppered bacon. And based on some inside info, I was told that the meat is basically the trimmings of their steaks and prime meats that they offer, so this promised to be quite a burger. And it was. The meat had really great flavor, and was cooked perfectly to medium-rare as ordered. It was juicy all the way through, but not too messy. The cheddar was melted thoroughly, and the challah-like bun was soft and delicious. The peppered bacon was mostly crispy, maybe a tiny bit undercooked in a couple spots, but also had really great flavor.

The fries were also a pleasant surprise; after having a series of disappointing French fry experiences lately these were quite good. Maybe some a little undercooked, but really great natural cut fries with good flavor. If I were to have any complaint about them at all it would be that there weren’t quite enough, I almost had to watch my intake to make sure I had a bite of French fry to accompany every bite of my burger until the end.

All of this leads up to what is a fantastic price; regularly this is a $12 offering which I think is more than reasonable for what you get, and a total steal when you compare it to other burgers of the same price point like Smashburger, Five Guys or even some more expensive ones on the strip. If you still have any doubt about a $12 burger, the half price option at happy hour should seal the deal. The closest thing you can get to that price is Henry’s or In-N-Out, and neither of those is quite comparable even though I’m still a huge fan of the old In-N-Out. So even if you can’t make it in for the happy hour price I say this is more than worth it, but for $6 I compel you to find better.

Overall score: 92

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