The Martini

December 3rd, 2011 by Erik Chudy

I like pretzel buns!A friend recently sent me a burger top 10 list from the Review Journal which included many local spots, the likes of which I’ve been trying to track down since starting this blog. Being the dummy that I am, I didn’t pay attention to the date the article was posted until I tried to visit one of the locations only to find their kitchen is no longer open. Still determined to eat a burger that night, I tried a second location which had almost the same name but a totally different burger. That place is now called The Martini, and the burger was still really good.

your typical neighborhood pubThe Martini is kind of a ‘hip’ local neighborhood spot in Summerlin, great for yuppie housewives and overage guys that are too lazy to go all the way to the strip. Aside from the few groups of cougars and strange middle aged men drinking expensive bottles of champagne on a random Wednesday night it seemed like an ok place to grab a bite to eat.

The burger from my list was no longer available, but in its place was an assembly with Wagyu Kobe beef, blue cheese, prosciutto, mushrooms, caramelized onions on a pretzel bun with Cabernet Demi for dipping. Quite a complex situation for such a basic spot, so I was very intrigued by this. They also offer an ‘All American Burger’ with more of the standard toppings, but I wasn’t interested in that.

a bit overcookedMy larger burger came out looking quite good, and tasted equally good at the first bite. The meat was cooked a little beyond the medium-rare I had ordered, but still had great flavor. I’m often weary of blue cheese on a burger as it can easily overpower the flavor, but this cheese was subtle enough and tasty. The onions were also not too strong which is a good thing, the mushrooms on the other hand had more flavor and were really good. I don’t think the prosciutto was actually present on my burger, but I had enough going on already. The pretzel bun was very soft and really quite tasty as well. Overall it was an elaborate but very good burger.

The Demi sauce was very good as well, but extremely overpowering so I only dipped in moderation as I was here to analyze the burger. Instead I used the sauce for a lot of my fries which were just ok, not great. Unfortunately this is becoming a trend in the fry department, and they really detracted from the overall meal. I wish chefs would pay more attention to the fries!!

The price was just about right as well; $13 for the burger with fries was very acceptable given the quality of the meat and overall complexity of the meal. I wish the fries were a little better, but this wasn’t a bad deal even for a place far away from the strip. In no way was this the perfect burger, but if you live on the west side and want something a little bit different, check this one out.

Overall score: 78

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