I Love Burgers

December 18th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

looks ok...Have you ever gone to a restaurant and remembered having a great experience, only to return and find yourself very disappointed? Such is the case with my most recent visit to I Love Burgers. I first went about a year ago before I had started the blog and have been meaning to go back and give a proper review based on that impression. Sadly now I wish I hadn’t returned because my view has been tainted.

where are the smurfs?I Love Burgers is located in the shops inside the Palazzo in the heart of tourist territory. While the space is a bit too open and sparse, it’s kind of a fun, bubbly attempt at something modern and different. The one major complaint I would have is that the lighting is totally inconsistent and awful. But I’m sure 99% of the people that go in there don’t even give this a thought so we can move on.

Their menu has everything from appetizers, to shakes, salads, and of course burgers. In addition to some Angus offerings, they also have ground buffalo, turkey and chicken burgers. I had the fried mac and cheese bites on my first visit and wasn’t that happy with them, so chose to skip any apps this time. My lunch partner ordered the fried pickles and I guess they were ok although I probably wouldn’t order them again. I usually don’t mess around with any strange offerings on my initial review visits as I’m trying to focus solely on the burger.

fried picklesAs for the burger, this second visit was very disappointing. There was one word I wanted to repeat over and over again: DRY. I’m sad to say that this was the first time I’ve ever taken apart a burger for one of my reviews and actually add a decent helping of ketchup. The meat was dry, the bun was dry, and it needed help. The meat had ok flavor, but it was just too dry and overcooked to be good. The lettuce was a bit weak, the tomato didn’t help, and my cheese was melted but not really present. I don’t really remember many of the specifics of my first visit, but I do remember being happy enough to make a mental note for a full return and official review. I’m not sure if I just caught them on a bad day or if things have changed and are not as good as before.

friesOne thing I’m sure that changed were the fries. On my first visit I had shoestring fries which I remember being far too thin and not quite substantial enough to hold any good flavor throughout my meal. On this visit I was given normal fries, but found them to be very soggy and had a bad oily taste. Maybe a place that is called I Love Burgers isn’t as concerned with their fries, if I wanted amazing fries I should go to I Love Fries?

dry!!I do want to make a special note in this review and mention the representatives of this restaurant chain. While I was there for lunch I tweeted my location and got a response from them the next day asking how my meal was. After a small conversation back and forth explaining my disappointment, they were very apologetic and mentioned that after supposedly selling over 150,000 burgers this year they’re bound to mess up occasionally. I can definitely accept this explanation, and wouldn’t write them off for good, but still have to take points off for inconsistency between my two visits, and also take into consideration that my friend was equally as disappointed with his meal. Maybe I’ll try their Town Square location next time for something a little different.

Based on all that, what can I say? A $10 dry burger, combined with $5 of disappointing fries makes this for a pricey meal that I wasn’t happy with. I guess you can take the strip location into account for the price, but I have a hard time paying $5 for fries almost anywhere. At this point I’m really not sure if I can recommend going here, sorry to say. Maybe next time I’m down at Town Square I’ll venture into that location and hope for a better experience.

Overall score: 68

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