Henry’s American Grill

December 18th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

looks basic, but how does it taste?I feel like I’m finally getting further into the realm of unique local Vegas spots off the strip, which is great not just for the blog but also my bank account. The $19 burgers in the casinos are starting to take a toll on me, literally, so coming across the $4.99(!) burger at Henry’s American Grill in Henderson was exciting and promised big things based on all the Yelp comments. And although I had a couple complaints as I always do, this turned out to be a good visit.

typical barHenry’s is located deep in Henderson in a typical strip of retail, and seems like every other bar from the outside. And honestly it’s not very fancy or different on the inside either, but this is what to expect of a local pub, you’re not really going for the ambiance. I went at lunchtime but the restaurant side was completely empty and didn’t even look open so I ventured to the stinky bar side. I sat down at one of the high tops away from the bar, but I wish someone could have told me the restaurant side was indeed open because I was the only person out of a handful not smoking. There were a few regulars drinking at the bar around noon, and it seemed like a friendly local spot.

burger menuThe menu has typical pub faire; pizza, burgers, salad, supposedly a decent breakfast…but I was there for the burgers that many locals have claimed to be the best in town. They offer a handful of ‘specialty burgers’ including a Bourbon BBQ, Mushroom Bleu Cheese, Southwestern, Nacho and a couple others, but the stars of the menu are the $3.99 Hamburger and $4.99 Cheeseburger, both with’ the works.’ They even tout this on their menu as an “awesome burger at an awesome price.” For sides you have some interesting choices: freedom fries, coleslaw, pasta salad, jasmine rice or fresh fruit. I’ve heard some great things about the bleu cheese cream sauce, but I had to see if the $4.99 awesome burger really was as claimed.

The verdict? For $4.99 it’s pretty damn good. The meat has really great char flavor, and just good meat flavor overall. My medium-rare burger came out as ordered, and my cheese was melted. The bun was good, it got a tiny bit soggy from the juiciness of the burger but held together. The special sauce really wasn’t too noticeable until one of my bites near the end, almost a red relish kind of sauce that tasted pretty good and made me wish it was a little more present sooner. This wasn’t an overly fancy burger that you’d find at Burger Bar or Bachi, but it was really good.

nice and pinkAnd of course I’m never completely happy, as the fries were really not good. I’m getting really tired of the fries being the one aspect that brings down my meal; they’re such an important yet neglected part of a burger meal. They looked like they could be good, but just didn’t have any great flavor to them and were a bit soggy for my taste. I have no doubt that I would give this overall meal a much higher score if I were happier about the fries. At $4.99 this is a really great deal, combined with some amazing fries and it could become a really special gem off the strip for burger lovers. It’s still definitely worth the price as maybe the fries are sometimes inconsistent? Either way, check it out based on the price alone.

Overall score: 84

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  1. Chris V. says:

    I recently went here. The fries that I got are different than what you have pictured here. However, I’m not sure if they’re still customizing the meat temperature. I still liked the burger a lot, and it had a lot to do with the dirt cheap cost on the late night menu.

    • Erik Chudy says:

      Yea I went back about a month ago, first time since this review a little over 2 years ago… the fries were different than what I had before, and possibly worse. Also the prices seemed to be a little higher for lunch, but it was still a great burger for what I paid.

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