LBS Burger Joint (CLOSED)

November 26th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

LBS ClassicTrying to knock off as many requests from readers as I can, I recently ventured to Red Rock to check out LBS; who touts themselves as “the best burger in Las Vegas.” I’ve heard many positive comments about this burger, and I was quite nervous coming into it since it was in a casino location. With the opportunity for them to be lazy and overpriced, they didn’t disappoint, but some very important questions arose.

boringLocated directly off the casino floor amongst a few other restaurants, LBS has a pretty open, plain, unassuming interior. I guess they’re trying for the Texas/American theme with the bull horns, license plates on the ceiling, and paint peeling off the brick walls. I made the mistake of going during Monday night football, if you don’t like your dinner interrupted by some jackass from the local radio station pulling names out of a hat for Twilight DVD’s, pick a different night.

What I love about the menu is how many burgers you get to choose from, they really feature all their pre-made options, the do-it-yourself portion is really a side note. This is a bit different than a lot of the more recent burger ventures out there, and more than welcome. There are also sliders, salads and a few different shakes; none of which I tried on this trip.

To keep things simple I went with the ‘Classic’ so I could easily sample the meat and basic toppings. Cooked almost as ordered, my medium-rare burger had great flavor, the meat was tasty and had a slight peppery flavor to it that I’ve noticed with more than a few burgers lately. The pickles had strong flavor along with the other fresh toppings and were all quite good. The bun was a little on the stiff side, but I found myself ok with it through the course of the meal. Overall I was very impressed with the flavor and was happy with the results.

lots of stuff!The part that threw me was the fries; supposedly ‘fresh cut’, they were just not good. It’s always very difficult to fall in love with a great burger when the fries you’re presented with suck. I know this is a burger blog, but the fries are an extremely important part of a burger meal, and these really took away from it. They weren’t awful, they just weren’t that great. I feel like a lot of places are getting very lazy with their fries and that’s a problem. And before anyone complains, I must point out how many people love In-N-Out but hate their fries. Am I right?

At $11.95 for my burger, I don’t think it was too high, especially for a casino location. The meat was great, and the burger was very tasty. That price even includes fries, so by the time you add a drink you’re only around $14-15 which is still almost in the crappy Five Guys or Smashburger territory, but with way better flavor. LBS is definitely worth the trip to Red Rock, let’s just get them to work on their fries a bit and I might give them a higher score.

Overall score: 83

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