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October 29th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

boring!Due to some recent unfortunate dining events, the VBB will no longer be taking recommendations from friends when it relates to large chains of burger joints. This very much refers to yesterday’s meal I had at Tommy’s, which was less than ideal and left my stomach a bit unhappy. There’s clearly no suspense in this review but I’ll go ahead and give you my full rundown anyway.

At this point I have pretty much vowed to stick to stand-alone joints, one of a kind locations that are unique to Vegas, to go against my plan and try this place anyway was my mistake. Sure I’ve reviewed In-N-Out and a few other small regional chains, but no more. I had high hopes yesterday of finding some underground spot to try, but my initial plans fell through when after doing a bit of research I found out that the kitchen at a local dive bar had closed and they were no longer serving food. Trying to stick to a location somewhat near my office, I instead went with the recommendation of my coworker for Tommy’s because he had mentioned it a few times and it was right around the corner. Much like my mistake with going back to Five Guys due to the convenience, this was not good.

classy jointThere are only two locations in Vegas, the one I went to is right next to St Rose Hospital, and is in a very desolate looking parking lot. There were maybe three people when I went inside, the clientele looked very much like the folks I mentioned in my Farmer Boys article. The interior décor was a cross between a very cheap In-N-Out and A&W. I didn’t really do any research on their website before going over there which was a bad idea, because as soon as I walked in and saw the images of their burgers with the descriptions of their chili I knew this was bad. But I was already standing at the counter so it was too late to turn back.

still hungry?I ordered the single chili cheeseburger meal, complete with all the toppings: tomato, pickles, mustard, onions and chili. After waiting almost 10 minutes for my number to be called for some reason, I sat down ready to dig in. The meal looked completely uninspired and generic, just as any fast food burger should. And this is exactly where the problem lies; I am supposed to be blogging about great, unique gourmet burgers, not sitting at a generic garbage fast food chain! The bun was plain, starchy, and about as typical as they come. The patty itself wasn’t too bad, but the awful chili took away any sort of flavor from the rest of the burger. I really don’t think I need to get into much detail here like I usually do; this is just a gross fast food chili burger, plain and simple. But yes, I finished it anyway.

looks like a skid mark!The fries were also as typical as they could be, frozen generic steak fries that were barely at room temperature. I do have one positive thing to say though; my iced tea was ok. The other awesome redeeming factor of this meal is that I got this awesome picture of what looks like a skid mark left by my burger.

I can’t reiterate enough; this blog is to review unique, quality burgers in Las Vegas. When I started the blog I immediately swore off McDonald’s, Burger King and the like, so to even venture into this place was counter-productive. And because this was so bad, now I have to go out and eat a second burger this week to hopefully get a somewhat more decent review posted. Woe is me.

Overall score: 55

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  1. ALAN says:

    In my opinion and coming from Los Angeles where they originated, I think it’s the best chili burger around. If they weren’t that good they wouldn’t be opening another one at Craig and 95. As growing up in L A, we used to have to stand in lines going around the building 2 times. Maybe you had a bad batch of chili and the bun wasn’t correctly toasted. I usually eat at the Tommy’s on Boulder and have no problem with the burgers there. Your picture of the burger you show looks like there wasn’t enough chili. That is key to a good chili burger. Check out their face book page and look at all the positive comments. I don’t think you no a good chili burger when you have one, besides that you hadn’t compared it to any other. Don’t meen to sound rude, but as I said this is my opinion.

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