October 1st, 2011 by Erik Chudy

the Lucky BurgerThe Vegas ‘street meat’ scene has really taken off as of late, I’ve heard plenty buzz around the Fukuburger truck, Slidin’ Thru…  but how good can a burger be that is made in a dirty-ish, probably re-commissioned vehicle? In this case, actually not too bad.

To start off I must be fair, the Vegas truck scene isn’t just about burgers, there are grilled cheese trucks, buns, and even clothing. Of course my main thing is burgers, so that’s pretty much all I care about at this point. This whole food truck scene is a bit pretentious for me, I don’t appreciate having to get to one of their locations early, only to stand in line and fight to hopefully get a burger before they sell out. If I have to work too hard for my burger, then you’re never going to get me to eat one. Oh and let’s not forget that almost every food truck scene I’ve been around in Vegas has been attended primarily by our entire high school population. I tried one time to actually be at Fuku’s scheduled locations, and by the time I got there they were sold out as predicted. This is the reason it’s been almost a year since that time, and the only reason I ate one last week is because I happened to be on Fremont St right where they were. And good luck trying to find where they will be, if you can navigate their fairly awful, Myspace-like website, their schedule isn’t always up to date so finding where they will be tonight may not always be possible unless you are also following them on Twitter or some other social media site.

As for the décor, in this case we can only really mention the truck itself as they don’t have a fixed location at this point. The truck is fairly clean looking, aside from the loads ofFremont St stickers, and slight grime on the shelves which you can maybe see in the background of the burger closeups. There is a hot girl taking your orders in the midst of slight madness. There seems to be some planned method for order placement and pickup, but the drunks on Fremont don’t quite allow this to flow smoothly, neither do the homeless that are assaulting you for an add to your order for them. Also, the megaphone that’s used to call out your name could probably stand for a replacement as whatever they are saying is hardly intelligible, and a decorative ring around the front edge fell off while I was there. Still, this is all part of the overall feel of getting food off of a food truck, so the overall mystique and character are quite fun. Plus I happened to catch this on Fremont st, which is my favorite place in Vegas.

it's so big in the photo!The burger itself was surprisingly good. Although it looked nothing like the picture on the menu, it had great flavor and was quite fresh. The meat didn’t have amazing flavor on its own, but wasn’t bad by any means and still better than some sit down restaurants I’ve been to lately. The bun was grilled as well, had decent flavor, and was proportioned well, all considering it’s of the more ‘typical’ variety. The lettuce was, well, lettuce. The Fuku sauce was lacking a little flavor, but maybe there just wasn’t enough. The bacon was pretty tasty, although maybe a bit soggy on mine. The American cheese was ok, but most importantly melted, which is something that many restaurants can’t seem to do somehow. Overall this is a good burger, similar to a Bachi burger in its Asian theme, although this doesn’t quite come close to that freshness and overall tastiness.

The fries are nothing to write home about, I think I got them garlic seasoned or something, but they just seemed to be out of a frozen packet sprinkled with some garlic seasoning. I don’t know if I would expect them to have a full setup to make amazing fries on this truck though, for their focus and main attention should be the burgers. I’ll leave that up to the fry truck whenever someone unveils it.

Overall, this burger is good, and you could do a lot worse in town. The scene isn’t for everyone though, many people would prefer to sit down in a clean restaurant and get their fooddirty shelf! without having to fight for it. But if you’re into the ‘cultural’ scene of Vegas, enjoy eating your meat on a sidewalk surrounded by drunken hipsters in 100 degree weather, then definitely get your Fuku on. Just make sure you get there early or you’ll be let down.

Overall score: 84

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