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October 30th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

looks normal...I have been to Create a couple times in the past year or two, but not since I started the blog so I was long overdue for a return trip and full analysis. I remember liking it well enough in the past, so I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had a string of not-so-good burgers lately but I left this most recent meal extremely happy. I know you’re not used to hearing these words lately around here, so please read on.

not bad, but not greatCreate has one location now, but according to their website there are more on the way. Located in a typical Vegas strip mall on Lake Meade near the 95, the interior really leaves something to be desired. There are hints at something decent, but the tables are kind of cheap looking, and it’s just missing something I can’t quite put my finger on. It doesn’t help that the ordering process is totally convoluted, but more on that in a minute. When you walk in the main doors there is a small counter to your right which I think was added since the last time I was there, and I think might have been placed there to help figure out how to order? Who knows.

About the ordering process, it’s called Create for a reason; the menu is set up for you to really create your own burger, from amount of meat, type of bun, toppings, fries, etc. Enough burger places follow this format now so it’s not completely original, yet still appreciated. But what sets this place apart for me from a lot of other places is that they also offer quite a few pre-designed choices. You’ve heard me gripe about this many times, and I fully acknowledge and welcome the menu choices that a restaurant actually takes the time to make. Last time I was there I was handed a clip board, golf pencil and sheet of paper with things to circle or check off. They’ve updated this slightly for the green movement by using a laminated sheet and dry erase markers. They have also alleviated some of the confusion by adding two large LCD screens above the registers with 6 different burgers to choose from complete with fries and a drink so you can just order a meal number like so many other fast food burger joints. But that’s really where the fast food ties end.

pink!I can say it; the burger is excellent. The meat has great flavor on its own, and when you order it medium rare it actually comes out this way, unlike some other places I’ve been to lately that can’t quite get it right although they are charging a great deal more and are in a much fancier location. I had the Classical, which comes with crinkle cut pickles, American cheese, onion strings, shredded lettuce and thousand island-ish dressing called “the sauce.” I had a choice of a few different buns but stuck with the white one for simplicity. The bun is totally dense and fantastic, just the right amount of meat and bun. I’ve also had the Hawaiian sweet bun and it was great and dense as well. Cooked medium rare, the burger is just juicy and drippy enough without being sloppy, and is moist all the way to the end. My cheese was melted, the veggies were fresh, and I was quite happy with it.

The fries are also great; although I think the few times I’ve been there I have thought that a few on my plate were a bit undercooked. They are of the ‘natural’ variety and a million more times flavorful and better than Five Guys’ overrated version. Yes, I’ll be picking on that place quite a bit now until everyone gets it out of their heads that they’re good.

pink to the end, and a bit juicyAs for the price, it’s also right on the mark. At $8.37 for my meal which included a great 1/3lb burger, plenty of great tasting fries and a drink for something that was cooked to order and better than regular fast food, they hit it right on the mark. I’ve heard people rave about Smashburger, Five Guys, and other slightly-fancier-than-fast-food burger joints lately, but those are all way too greasy, and come in at least $3-5 more for a meal. Plus their burgers can’t compete with this one. For those who love any of those other places I just listed, I compel you to try Create.

Also on a side note, they have fantastic custards with all sorts of options. I had one last year and liked it a lot, but skipped it on this trip as I am trying to lose weight still…

Overall score: 93

8 Responses

  1. burger boy says:

    93?! Are you nuts!?

  2. VBB says:

    I don’t know, I might be? what can I say, compared to a lot of others I’ve had lately along with the price, this was really good…

  3. furrito says:

    When are you reviewing Fuddruckers?

  4. VBB says:

    on my list… it’s tough to get them all done when I’m only doing 1-2 a week. I’ve had Fuddruckers mentioned a few times lately so I’ll get there soon

  5. VBB says:

    not necessarily, but it’s cheaper and pretty damn good

  6. Yes, Five Guys is SO overrated and we (South Florida) have a Smashburger opening on 11/14 I’m looking forward to try, whether good or bar. Fuddruckers had a nice burger back in the day, like 10 years ago, but then they had some problems closed most of their stores and after reviewing back in September I know what now sits in their restaurant is one sad, sad hamburger…

  7. VBB says:

    good luck with smashburger, it’s not bad just a bit overpriced and greasy. there has been so much talk about the fuddruckers here in town and everywhere else for that matter, I must go there this week!

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