Bradley Ogden (CLOSED)

September 6th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

If someone told me I was going to try a $19 burger that Alan Richman of GQ Magazine said was the “best burger I ate this year”, I would be pretty damn excited. And I was, until I ate it. How can a burger that costs $19 that is located in a multi-award winning restaurant suck? Bradley Ogden’s restaurant showed me how.

Located in Caesar’s Palace, Bradley Ogden’s is positioned along a small row of restaurants within the casino. The exterior of the space is fairly unassuming and subdued, as is the décor within. I didn’t get to venture too far into the actual restaurant, as our burger is only served in their lounge area. Apparently a $19 isn’t good enough for the regular menu, although I’m sure for the price they would serve it to you if requested.

Being that this is a blend of ‘house ground steak’ according to the menu, it had to be ordered medium rare to sample what would hopefully be tremendous flavor. After what I think was far too long of a wait for a random week night when it wasn’t that busy, our food arrived. The presentation was great as you can see in the picture, but the situation quickly deteriorated from there. Because the meat is supposedly so amazing according to the chef, the burger is served with absolutely no toppings, just a bun. You are offered ketchup, spicy mustard and a decent aioli, along with a ‘salad’ and fries, but that is all. Upon biting into my burger I came across the largest disappointment of the night though; an overcooked burger! You would think that at $19 they would get my medium rare order correct? No such luck. This really pissed me off, and Burger Boy wasn’t that thrilled either. The meat had not as much flavor as expected for such a blend of meats, maybe because it was cooked too much, I don’t know. The bun was ok, toasted pretty well, maybe a bit dry too. But together they just didn’t hold up well without any other toppings and not being juicy and bloody as ordered. The lettuce ‘salad’ was ok, but kind of out of place here when yearning for some real toppings on my burger instead. There were also two different types of pickles that were tasty, but still not enough to redeem this.

The one saving grace of our whole meal was the fries; they were fantastic. Large, natural cut, with what seemed to be sea salt sprinkled on them, and they were delicious. If anyone remembers a place called Boardwalk Fries that was around in the late 80’s, this rivaled them. But we’re here to review a burger, and the burger wasn’t right. Being able to properly deliver on an order is a huge part of my review, so if you fail to cook my burger properly when it costs as much as this one does is a total fail. I refuse to send a burger back during this review process, although sometimes I might be depriving myself of something better. Either way, for $19 this burger is not worth it.

Overall score: 74

6 Responses

  1. burger boy says:

    Did we have any good burgers when I visited?

  2. jim says:

    if you ever come to ogden ut, try pop’s burgers i garonteee you will be happy Jim aka pop

  3. jim says:

    dont get into most blogs but this one is great easy to get around on if you dont use the computer alot thanks jim

  4. Vegas G says:

    Enjoy your blog, but I have to say I am shocked at this review. The Bradley Ogden burger is probably the best burger I ever had. It is quite famous in the burger world. The meat, bun and blue cheese topping was awesome and I am no rookie at this.

    Maybe an off night? Which shouldn’t be an excuse, who knows? With such acclaim, maybe a repeat visit would of been warranted when available. I only say that because being a burger connisuer as you are, I think you truly missed out.

    Anyways, keep up the good work .

    • Erik Chudy says:

      Thanks! I am sorry I didn’t get to try this again before he closed, but luckily he’s going to have the burger at his new restaurant at Tivoli Village so I promise to give it the proper treatment as soon as it opens! Just about everyone said I was off with this one, but both my brother and I didn’t enjoy it, so it must have been an off night or something. Still, for $19 an off night shouldn’t exist…

      • Vegas G says:

        I do agree, at 19, there shouldn’t be a off night. Funny I paid 29 in the sit down restaurant but got a full salad, burger and fries and a dessert and great service. Hopefully that price point was because of Caesar’s with the high end concept and he will not follow it going forward. If I remember correctly the meat was a blend of something lean with short rib. my Medium rare, seared-like patty was perfect. Thanks for the reply and I will definitely keep up with your great blog !!!

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