Vintner Grill

August 22nd, 2011 by Erik Chudy

Located in an inconspicuous office park in Summerlin, Vintner Grill has been a favorite dinner spot of mine for a few years now. Looking at the address and being familiar with most restaurant locations in Vegas off of the strip, one would assume the entrance is facing directly onto Charleston Blvd, but you would be mistaken. Once you finally locate the entry amongst your standard setup of covered office parking spaces in the back, you enter a space rich with modern design and accessories. It might be a tad cluttered, but I really like the space and have always loved everything I’ve eaten for dinner. This is the first time I’ve been there for lunch, and jumped on the chance when I saw a burger on the menu. But did it stand up as well as the dinners I’ve eaten?

The short answer is no. As I said I’ve really never had any complaints about anything I’ve had for dinner, but I found several things wrong with this burger. First off, the bun to meat ratio was a bit too high, just more bun than I needed. It didn’t help that it was quite dry and really distracted me from the meat…which in turn is a good thing, because even though I ordered it medium-rare as I always do, it was way over cooked. The burger was still surprisingly juicy even with it being more cooked than I’d like, yet by the time I got to the last few bites it was very dry. Overall the meat had little flavor to it, but the char flavor it did have on the outside was quite good. The bacon had a really great smoky flavor, and was cooked properly to have a nice crunch to it. The ‘homemade’ pickles also had great flavor, but were a bit lost in this burger.

The fries were another disappointment. Typically everything included with my meals at Vintner down to the sides are always great, yet these fries had very little flavor and just seemed a bit too uninspired. I would have expected a black truffle touch or something to them, but no such luck.

Overall the burger did have good flavor, but the dry bun and boring fries didn’t help the overall experience too much. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going here for the burger, I would definitely recommend Vintner Grill any time as a great date spot or just to have a nice dinner.

 Overall Score: 80

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