KGB (Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers)

July 11th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

This is another puzzling burger for me. In general I feel that a majority of the restaurants on the strip are dialing it in; no matter how little they try and how much they charge, the property knows that if you’re staying in their building you’re going to eat there. They’re also banking on the fact that the typical tourist that eats in Vegas has zero taste and doesn’t know what good food is. I’m no tourist, and I’m very picky, so watch out.

To start our experience off on a negative, we got seated in an awful spot in the restaurant, kind of in a weird middle area that no one else had been seated in. We were in this strange spot with a really low ceiling, overly loud dance music, and clearly an area where the servers would forget about us. The service was just not good, we weren’t brought waters or even asked if we wanted any. We started with shakes, which took easily 10-15 minutes to show up. Burger Boy succumbed to temptation and ordered the awful-sounding Hamburger Soup appetizer, which was brought out with our burgers instead of before them. I didn’t bother trying it based on the look on his face and how little of it he actually finished.

For a ‘gourmet’ burger restaurant, KGB doesn’t have many pre-made burgers to choose from on the menu. The first is the boring ‘classic’, and the second one is a chicken burger. I guess once again the burger joint decided to leave it up to the individual to just pick what they want. I’m all for designing my own burger, and feel that all burger joints should allow you to do so, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, do your job and design a few creative items for the menu.

As for the burger, I think this is a valid gripe when I say the burgers are a bit too large. And I’m not even referring to the height which can often be a bit cumbersome, I’m talking about the width of this thing.  It was huge.  Sadly I don’t have a picture to back this up, and I definitely don’t plan on returning to do so. I promise I will have more pictures from now on… also there was way too much lettuce. Overstuffing a burger with too much cheap, uninspired lettuce does not make a great burger. The buns were great, very buttery and well proportioned. The meat was not flavorful, but cooked to order which is surprisingly difficult for some restaurants. I definitely expected a bit more from an ‘upscale’ self-named ‘gourmet’ burger, but this seems to be a new trend. The fries were also not great, but they did have 57 Sauce which is a rarity these days.

If you’re ever in the Harrah’s property, and I don’t necessarily recommend it, there are worse places you can eat.

Overall score: 78

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  1. burger boy says:

    I remember that soup, it was nasty.

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