In-N-Out Burger

July 3rd, 2011 by Erik Chudy

The infamous Double DoubleThe king. You will not find many chains on here aside from a few regional ones, but this particular one can’t be ignored. Not much to say about this burger, the price can’t be beat anywhere in town to match the quality. Most fast food patties I wouldn’t consider eating on their own, or even looking at too closely for that matter, but theirs are good no matter what. I’d almost venture to say it’s real beef? The patties are never frozen, and supposedly they only locate their restaurants to within a certain driving distance of any food prepping location. The lettuce, tomato and sauce are all fresh, and almost even refreshing on the burger. I personally love the fries, although they’re almost always cooked inconsistently throughout with some overdone, and some undercooked all in the mix. The fries are a bit of a controversy with most people I know, some people hate them, some love them. As for their flavor, think of those old school Potato Sticks. Still, for the value this meal can’t be beat. You do get that slightly off stomach ache after a meal here that you don’t necessarily get from higher end places, but I compel you to find something better for $6 all in. The shakes are great, the iced tea and lemonade are also good choices.

Animal Style friesThe secret menu adds a bit of mystique and makes for great articles all over the internet. And at times you almost feel like you’re in an exclusive club when you order your fries ‘Animal Style’ or get a Neopolitan shake and the tourists next to you can’t seem to find that verbage anywhere on the 3 item menu. You’ve all heard about the place, and it’s a must on anyone’s list if you travel to a city that has one.

Overall Score: 92

2 Responses

  1. Sigil says:

    I am not sure I agree with you on this review… I am recent transplant to the area and was excited to give these guys a try. It was not bad. But not great either. Just okay. Another chain burger I was excited to try I think easily tops this one. Fat Burger is my go to fast food burger now.

  2. robert ballard says:

    I’ve been going to the Pasadena, Ca. In-N-Out since, I think, 1962. I’ve always loved it but recently, for 2 years now, have had bad burgers and fries at this one.

    Last year I sent an email to corporate and got a free meal coupon, nice of them but even that was disappointingly mediocre, I.E…. limp fries, overcooked patty.

    Since the grand daughter took over I’ve seen a gradual downward spiral in service and food. I used to visit any In-N-Out I was near at least 2-3 times a week but starting 2 years ago I needed to loose weight, now at 50lbs of lose, so now I only go maybe once a month which used to be a real treat but now it’s a crap shoot as far as it being great or so, so.

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